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Character creation workflow – zbrush to maya

By 25 aprile 2014 Tutorial 3 Comments
Character development_Cover_2
A while ago I created a tutorial on character development for animation, starting from concept design, sculpting in zbrush and retopology, rigging and rendering with maya.
I hope this can be useful to anyone approaching character art.
Btw I developed this workflow watching other peoples tutorials and I’m still adjusting some of the steps in order to get things done faster and better, but every time I’ll improve something I’ll keep the blog updated.
Hope this helps


  • DvR scrive:

    Thanks for share this 8) . its very helpful.

  • Bob scrive:

    Hi Gabriele, thanks for the clearly stated process. I have been on the lookout for a good explanation of the workflow between Zbrush and Maya and yours is easily one of the better ones.

    I have a question about a step in the process. Once you’re done retopologizing in Maya and you bring that low-rez mesh back into Zbrush, how do you get the details of the hi-rez back so that you can get to the painting? Are you subdividing the new low-rez mesh then projecting details from the original sculpt via the subtool palette?


  • gmaiocco scrive:

    Hi Bob,
    this is an old tutorial but actually you can do this two ways:
    -you can project onto the new subdivided low poly mesh
    .you can simply bake the texture with xnormal or any texture baking software.

    Hope this can be helpful

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